Thursday, September 27, 2012

Marketing Online – The Need to Be Careful

Today, the action in the online media is as important as what’s happening in print or television or even more so, as I believe.  

The fact that it is interactive make it all the more powerful since now people who receive the message can do a lot of things with the message – they can become firm follower of the message – giver, propagate, recommend if they are happy or turn away, send negative reviews, influence their circles to not to follow the message-giver.
It is not as if people on the social media sites are there specifically to do this. However, it’s the inherent human need to converse, to be heard, to have a social standing and to be an influencer that makes all of us talk. As marketing professionals or brands we need to make sure that our messages are tailored for them (targeted to right audience) as they talk so that they invariably will talk about our messages (relevancy) & talk good if the message has been useful for them (value for them).

The key element for marketing online is to deliver the right message to the targeted section – but not in the conventional way of Talking to Them, but by Talking With Them!


Vivek said...

Very well put! This concept is really good: "not in the conventional way of Talking to Them, but by Talking With Them!" I'll implement this in my Facebook posts and tweets when indulging in online marketing. I'm one of those who usually "talk to them" instead of "with them.' Very insightful information, I must add!

Laraib said...

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