Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ten Things That You Can Do To Become The Leader That People Love To Follow

For a leader to become a good leader, a leader of choice, he or she needs to enjoy respect of the people whom he/she will be leading. And, respect only comes when it is mutual – leader first needs to learn to give respect to his/her team or people in order to enjoy their respect. I am just sharing my thoughts, which are based on my life experiences, right from the time when I was a small boy, following my elder brother, trusting him completely that he will do the right thing to today when I have the fortune of guiding friends discover their own path and leading successfully to their destinations.

I believe, more than capability, it is the attitude that makes a leader. So, the question that is more important is, Can we develop the right attitude for becoming the leader that we would like to follow in our life? The answer is a big YES!

There are a few things that a person can do to be the choice leader rather than be an imposed leader. Let’s dive straight into them….these are:

1.    Focus on inculcating self discipline and not control

2.    Guide, help, show them the path, the destination, but let them do their own running
Leadership Lessons - Vikas Sharan

  3.    Be involved, but not all the time

  4.    Trust them to the job, it’s okay if there are a few mistakes

  5.    It’s important that you talk but it is equally important that you listen well

6.    Stand up for them and not up to them

7.    Be fair, all times

8.    Be an inspiration to them; and make sure that they shine too

Leadership Blog - Vikas Sharan
9.    Let them know that you don’t have all the answers but are ready to seek them

10. Learn to celebrate together!

This article is tuned more towards leadership situations that we experience in our careers and workplaces, although the suggestions are applicable to all aspects of our lives. Tell me what you make of these 10 points. In my future articles, I will try and discuss each of these points in detail. In the meantime, also please share your thoughts on what makes a good leader. I look forward to your valuable comments.

Thanks for reading through this post! 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Letting the Leader in You Lead Your Life!

leadership - Vikas Sharan Blog

Everybody is a leader; you, me….all of us. What differs is the range of influence that each one of us might enjoy….it can be limited to self, or might include family, or friends, or a team that you work with, or a large group of people if you are a social personality...and so on. Please bear in mind; the range of influence is fluid…and keeps changing, depending upon our conduct in life.

Leadership is all about leading a towards a better tomorrow, it can be by overcoming a crisis, dealing with a situation, successfully managing your work, achieving personal goals, getting success, meeting aspirations and in being happy. The impact of being a good leader or a bad leader will change depending upon your range of influence.

I am currently part of a mid-sized organization, which has grown 11 years old, and is in the middle of a transformation, transformation of a collective mindset of being a startup to moving towards the awareness that we are no more a startup but a robust organization that needs to tackle competition, and focus on growing rather than surviving. This situation also provides me a great opportunity to understand what makes and breaks a project, how goals are set and achieved and how, in all of these, the quality of leadership makes a difference.

In the following few posts, I will attempt to share my understanding of Leadership…., and the worth of it, if any. J

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