Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why Social Media Marketing?

Within Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest, and Foursquare, I am sure we all will be able to connect somewhere right now! That’s the power of social media – we all are a part of it!
No wonder then, today, social media marketing is creating as much buzz as the most popular social media marketing campaigns. So, what’s this all fuss about social media marketing? I am sharing few of the reasons, which I think are responsible for the rise of social media as a powerful tool for marketing.

Social Media is powerful
The unbelievable growth of different social media platforms has ensured that everybody is getting online and talking…well almost everybody (there are still many parts of the world without access to the internet).  People all the time, are exchanging news, sharing information and in turn, influencing their peer circles or getting influenced!

The most convenient Branding tool
Well, companies and brands are no different from people…now with social media branding is as simple as joining in the right conversation on the net, listening to people, being responsive to steer or keep the conversation flowing in a favorable direction and adding value to the whole interaction!

Least Expensive means of Marketing
Whether you are selling products, or services, or ideas or even soliciting help for social cause, social media offers the least expensive means of getting yourself heard and get people interested.

Real-time feedback
One of the biggest advantage of social media marketing is the feedback that we get – it is fast, real-time, which helps us know if we are going wrong with our marketing initiative.

You can always change course!
Yes, you got it right! The conversational nature of most of the social media platforms allows one to make corrections if the marketing strategy has gone wrong or a campaign is doing badly. Staying alert to what people are saying is crucial.

Well, these are my thoughts; I am very interested in knowing what you think; send in your comments and feedback - I would love to hear from you!

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