Thursday, March 21, 2013

Aesthetic Design in Information Technology

Aesthetics in Design

Aesthetics plays an important role in helping humans decide what is beautiful or appealing and what is not. In its truest sense, aesthetics revolves round the wholeness of a particular thing or a scenario rather than bits and pieces or components. 

It is important that we understand that aesthetics and design go hand-in-hand; especially more so for any IT organization that provides technological innovations and services or is in the business of making products for the gadgets of the future. Such an organization needs to make sure that aesthetics is involved in everything that we do. So, whether we are into making websites or software development such as internet-based software applications, mobile applications or complicated database-driven extranet and client-server applications or even providing online marketing solutions; I believe that everything we built or design has to first appeal to our eyes, then our heart and then our mind. This simply means that the end product has to have a pleasing, attractive look and feel along with being functionally perfect. It is just not enough for a technology firm to say that they take extra care where it concerns designs; the truth is – if anybody has to come out on top in today’s competitive world, they need to be seriously crazy about their work and can proudly say that their product/services are refined, elegant and simply awesome in all aspects.

Aesthetics and the online world

As more and more businesses are getting online, the competition in the online space to grab eyeballs is as real and harsh as it is between shops in a fiercely competitive marketplace such as a shopping mall or a roadside bazaar. It has become exceptionally challenging for any business firm to differentiate itself or its services and products from that of its competitors. Being just a big brand name will not always help. In the online world, every business has a chance to upstage its competitors. Having an awesome product or offering superior service is not enough to fight off the competition and emerge as a winner. , So, how do we create the differentiator…the difference that will drive potential customers to us? Well, the BIG differentiator is the DELIGHT aspect. And this is where aesthetic design steps in. Ergonomic design that offers both functionality as well as visual appeal in the form of elegant layouts, coupled with exceptional product quality and packaging brings in the much needed element of DELIGHT for the prospective clients/customers.

It was superior quality product design married with an aesthetic beauty that has made Apple products one of the most favored and admired product lines in the world today. It is the visually appealing websites that we often remember and like to visit, and most of the apps that we use or love have (not so surprisingly) pleasing look and feel.  Well-spaced & attractive layouts, beautiful icons, simple functionality, easy navigation are some of the features that we all look in the software that we use. So, if you are a business with a brilliant product to sell or exceptional service to offer, or simply someone who loves being in the limelight, it is important that you pay special attention to the schematic beauty of your offering. In fact, ergonomic design that has the right balance of aesthetic beauty and superior functionality provides an extra dash of creativity to any product or solution. It goes a long way in ensuring success in a highly competitive and fast-changing world. 

Aesthetic Beauty…A Commitment

As already mentioned, I strongly believe that aesthetics and simplicity in design and implementation is important to any information technology (IT) product; whether it is a website, systems applications, networks, ecommerce solutions, or software apps. The best way to go about ensuring aesthetics in IT product designs is implementing a clutter-free, simple and to-the-purpose (effective) functioning methodology in your firm’s operations. This very approach will go a long way in helping create products/services that will delight your clients and help them delight their customers as well.


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