Sunday, July 4, 2021

Getting Back...The Voice Of A Marketer - Wiser With More Grey Than Before!

Hello Friends, 

After ages, I am here, on this blog of mine, ready once again to share what I have learned, the knowledge that I keep acquiring every day.....with young professionals or students yet or with anyone who seeks. 

Let me bring this space up to where I am today, let me cover those lost years in words little yet not diminished in value... 

I have stayed true to the space of digital marketing. However, in the last seven odd years; I have gravitated from online writing, copywriting (and even creative writing!) to shouldering the responsibility of helping voices, stories and propositions be found by an audience that is willing. 

Almost 18 years in the field has allowed me to cover its vastness and still stay eager to learn more. 

With this new attempt to be be regularly conversing with you, I intend to share my two bits on almost everything - from how to successfully run a business, to building growth strategies, on digital marketing, on writing, and even on professional growth and more. 

Also an update - Since 2017, I, along with three of my very good friends and workmates, am running a digital marketing firm named Quadigy. We are growing and we aim to keep growing very fast. 

Wish me luck. Wish Quadigy luck!

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