Friday, January 30, 2015

Letting the Leader in You Lead Your Life!

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Everybody is a leader; you, me….all of us. What differs is the range of influence that each one of us might enjoy….it can be limited to self, or might include family, or friends, or a team that you work with, or a large group of people if you are a social personality...and so on. Please bear in mind; the range of influence is fluid…and keeps changing, depending upon our conduct in life.

Leadership is all about leading a towards a better tomorrow, it can be by overcoming a crisis, dealing with a situation, successfully managing your work, achieving personal goals, getting success, meeting aspirations and in being happy. The impact of being a good leader or a bad leader will change depending upon your range of influence.

I am currently part of a mid-sized organization, which has grown 11 years old, and is in the middle of a transformation, transformation of a collective mindset of being a startup to moving towards the awareness that we are no more a startup but a robust organization that needs to tackle competition, and focus on growing rather than surviving. This situation also provides me a great opportunity to understand what makes and breaks a project, how goals are set and achieved and how, in all of these, the quality of leadership makes a difference.

In the following few posts, I will attempt to share my understanding of Leadership…., and the worth of it, if any. J

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